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Next step after federal clerkship?


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I have a 2024-2025 FCA clerkship lined up and I'm a bit lost as to the steps/timeline after that. My understanding is that clerks are generally well-received and can typically find work after the clerkship fairly easily, but I'm not sure when I should be looking for that "next" job. 

My top choice for post-clerkship employment would be government (DOJ/MAG/anything federal). I know on the one hand that FCA clerks are internal candidates for the DOJ for two years post-clerkship, but on the other hand, that finding federal gov jobs as a lawyer can be tough (especially if you're trying to break into the public service post-articling). So I'm also open to constitutional firms/etc. 

I'm guessing most people line up their post-clerkship jobs while clerking, but I don't want to miss deadlines. I'm sure it can vary a lot, but would love to hear about anyone's timeline - did you line up post-clerkship employment before clerking? During (and if so, how far into the year)? After? Is it realistic to hope for a federal government job? 

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Not sure if there's a formal recruitment process for clerks, but a good way to get a pulse on who is hiring is just to cold email the head of whatever department or sub-office that you want to work for and start networking. Despite the various formal government hiring processes, those at the top still have a lot of discretion with respect to who receive interviews. You will be an internal candidate for the DOJ, IRB, PPSC, etc. so you will also be easier to hire out of any pools or competitions that are open. With the budget cuts, you're also probably a more attractive candidate than an extremal hire. Feel free to DM me for more information. Good luck.

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FCA Clerkship
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I would suggest talking to the director of the clerkship. They are an invaluable resource and will have knowledge about various post-clerkship opportunities, including recruitment efforts by Justice. 

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