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4 Courses Per Semester


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  • Applicant

Does Oz care if you take 4 courses per semester during your undergrad? 

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  • Law School Admit

Hard to say. Anecdotally, I took 4 classes for one full year at some point during my undergraduate, and still gained admission. I doubt there should be an issue. 

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  • Law Student

Nope they don't care. Other than completing 90 credits (if you want to get in after third year university), there aren't any strict credit limits they look for. I know people that got in with 3 courses in a semester. 

The only thing I could see maybe affecting admissions is if you were a part-time student (using the OSAP definition - 50% of a full time course load). They may question your ability to take on a full-time law school course load. Then again, we have a flex option at Oz and this is pure speculation that can be addressed in a Part B in any event (worked full time during undergrad, had children etc.). 

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