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Lsat: 156 cGPA: 3.65 B20: 3.95 B2: 3.77 B3: 3.75


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Applied to general categories - also a racial minority - discussed this within my personal statements

Softs: Many volunteer experiences (research, running intergenerational programming, student union), clubs (model UN), worked part-time throughout most of Undergrad/Masters (Teaching assistant, HR intern, Legal assistant, Camp), sport extracurriculars. Currently doing an MA (will be done in August) with a CGPA of 3.76. 

Decent LORs (I think?) (one prof who taught me for four years and I also TA'd for, one Lawyer I interned with)

Applied to: Ottawa, Windsor, Queens, Osgoode, Western

What are my chances?

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Queens R (min lsat is 160 for them on the website)

Windsor most likely A (155 is their median, and your cgpa is above their median)

less than 50% chance: Osgoode, and Western 

more than 50% chance: Ottawa

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