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Class of 2025 fb group?


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Hi just curious if anyone knows where the accepted class fb group is? I found the 2024 one and heard there is one for 2025, but can’t find it when I search it up. 

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6 minutes ago, realpseudonym said:

God I'm old. 

Don’t worry, old people can learn new things!

Facebook is a place on the World Wide Web that lets you share poorly taken photos of your loved ones, see photos of your friends’ lives that prove how much happier they are than you, and learn about the health benefits of various horse medications from your cousin who still thinks Trump is president.

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16 hours ago, ls.ca said:

Following as well

No Facebook group yet (besides the Weldon welcome day one). But theres an additional discord server for 0L students…. which you can get the invitation link for if you post in the main Dalhousie CLF discord 🙂 

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Can someone help me find the discord group? I am new to discord 🙂 

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