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Estimated costs for 1L Textbooks

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If anyone could provide any insight into the costs of textbooks per semester/year for 1L and/or how you went about buying used textbooks (marketplace, discords, used-books section on campus, etc.) I would really appreciate it!

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Used textbooks from upper years, there’s a buy and sell FB page. Wait til your prof tells you what you need, you’ll probably need the most recent crim code which should be the only thing you have to buy new.

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Not sure if this is much help but I decided to buy all my 1L textbooks new last year and the total ended up being just shy of $700.  

A few of our courses, (contracts for sure, I think) required us to pre-pay over the summer as the bookstore would only order as many as were pre-ordered. I remember feeling like this was ridiculous and almost did not pre-order, since in undergrad I always waited for my professor to tell us which books to buy. If that is the case for you guys as well, I strongly recommend you pre-order these textbooks. You will have readings for the first class, the bookstore will not have any textbooks left for you, and it will be hard to find a used one. Most likely you will end up ordering one online and until it shows up you will be begging your friends to photocopy/borrow theirs.

A lot of older students will be selling their textbooks on the FB group made for your 1L year. Make sure you get the exact edition being asked for. Do not buy old editions.  

If you choose to buy your textbooks new like I did, use your credit card to put money on your DalCard, then use your DalCard to pay for them at the bookstore. You will get your points/cashback on your credit card, then you will get 5% cashback from your dalcard. (enjoy your ~$30 cashback to spend on coffee/snacks in the student lounge). You can use your DalCard on the bookstore website also.    

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