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Examples of A+ level answers for 1L exams


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Sort of (but not really) building upon another question about practice exams, I am looking for resources that you have come across that show an excellent answer. I know an A+ is next to impossible but I want to study the answer to understand the level of detail needed.


I have asked profs and they say “it depends”. 

My issue isn’t lack of knowledge or even time. It is mastering writing to the level of nuanced detail preferred. 

I used the same approach across all my exams. I had one well above median, one just above, one just below, and another well below but not bottom. 

The one I thought I absolutely nailed ended up being my lowest. It was beautifully laid out. All the issues identified. Just not analyzed to the level of detail desired. Another above median, I was told I should have added more. 

Any resource out there that really helped you grasp the level of detail you need to get into? 

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At Dal, you could ask the school for a copy of the exam that got an A+/the highest grade from the previous year(s). It was super useful. May be worth investigating whether you can do that at your school.

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I finished 1L with A+'s  both in Torts and Property so feel free to message me for advice/sample answers! 🙂

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