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Reapplicants 2021


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Starting this thread to see what everyone is doing to try to improve and make a stronger application in a short turn-around.

Part of the July 6, 2021 RFR -> refusal cohort. Stats were cGPA 3.3, final year 3.65, extenuating circumstances, extensive extracurriculars (10+ years) with some leadership roles, self-identified as a LGBT member and fluent in 6 languages (incl. French).

My short-term strategy is LSATs, aiming for November as my first LSAT. I think some gaps in my academic record were perhaps my biggest weakness. Long-term, I am thinking of a Masters degree to make my application more competitive.

What is everyone else doing?

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I was waitlisted in early May but I don't think there's going to be lots of movement. 

GPA: 3.6, B2 is 3.9 from McGill (My GPA went up every year, so shows lots of improvement) 

LSAT: 156

EC: pretty good, I did a lot of volunteering/interning for my community, worked at a law firm, human rights journal...

LOR: pretty good, I had profs I really connected with write them 

I'm fully bilingual, didn't have to interview 

My short term strategy: I think my EC and PS really carried my application. I'm hoping to retake the November LSAT, hoping to score 4or 5 points so I'm in the 160s range. I'm also applying to jobs this year, but I will continue my volunteering/working in my community because I think that's probably what they liked about my application. 

  • I've heard great things about 7sage so I'm going to try using that this time around 
  • I think I also need to focus on doing more full LSAT tests, I think the sections I understand but I struggler with doing the whole timed test 

Long-term: I don't really have a long term plan, I'm hoping I can start law school next year if this year doesn't work out. I was also waitlisted at Ottawa so I really think it was my LSAT holding me down. If I don't get in next year, I guess I would also consider a Masters in Law at McGill or maybe History in Europe. 


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