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Question About Crown Judges, Do They Switch If A Case Has Gone On For A While?


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If you are involved in legal proceedings is it common for Judges to be replaced with a new one? A new Judge replacing the previous one every 10 months or whatever time frame the judge has for that position. The new judge would obviously need to know the details of legal proceedings transferred from the previous one. 

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In my jurisdiction, there is one main city that services several circuit points (smaller cities/towns relatively close to the main city).

Just like the Crown prosecutors and legal aid lawyers, judges are assigned a particular schedule for a particular period of time.

So in my jurisdiction, a particular judge will be assigned to a particular circuit point for one year. After a year the schedule of the judges is redone.

A judge seized with a matter will continue to see that matter.

This is subject to judges vacation, conflict issues, etc.

Any judge can take over for another if nothing much has happened at docket.

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