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Barrister Exam- November 2023 (Thoughts)


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  • NCA Candidate

Just wanted to know everyone's thoughts on todays exam! I found public law to be very weird, honestly! and I ran out of time so had to blind guess 10 -12 ques. Not sure if I'll pass

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  • Law Student

I found it manageable. The first bit of Civil Procedure tripped me up (lots of questions that weren't just "search and find") but I caught up during Crim & Family (which I found straightforward). Public Law definitely required a deeper level of understanding than I expected. I finished 30 min early - there were definitely questions I was unsure about, but when I looked back at them, I wasn't getting any more certain. So I decided to trust my gut and leave my answers as they were.

I made & used a pacing chart that aimed to finish 15-20 minutes early (for a buffer). Divided the time up per 5 questions. It was really helpful - I was "behind" through Civil Procedure but then ahead of my pacing chart by the time I finished Crim, which helped me relax. I ate a sandwich while going through Family at a more relaxed pace and then pulled myself together for the final push with Public. 

I'm much more nervous about Solicitor though! Such dry content. I took courses on all the Barrister topics while in law school, which I think definitely helped. Solicitor wise, I have very little background knowledge so the "big picture" is harder.

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