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Hi Everyone - 

I just wanted to add another clarification to what has been mentioned by Hegdis above re: mental health and similarly sensitive topics. An option that would also be available for those of you who wish to discuss sensitive topics such as these would be to DM one of the mods and have us post the question for you. We completely understand that these issues are often difficult to deal with - and we're happy to provide support as needed. This may be helpful for those of you who have active accounts and do not want such questions associated with your main account for any personal reasons.

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Hey folks,

I think it's worth giving a reminder here, as there has been a barrage of self reports for people asking for content to be removed. Please re-read the rules above and ensure you take steps to protect your privacy, if that's what you want to do, by not revealing too many personal details. You can absolutely get helpful advice, or provide the same to others, with general descriptions of your personal circumstances.

I can understand the desire to provide as much context as possible in case "your situation is different" -- but the reality is, that 99% of the time it's not. And if you think you're the 1%, you probably aren't. So if you're concerned about your privacy, err on the side of caution and feel free not to mention the fact that you once spent 3 months on exchange to Italy to study the art of making wool fabric. I promise you it probably won't matter for your application/OCI applications/whatever and your suddenly privacy-conscious future self will thank you.

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Oh my God people, it can’t be clearer. You aren’t an exception. We aren’t deleting your posts because you changed your mind and oops, didn’t bother to read the rules you agreed to when you signed up. 

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